Here are a few examples of text solutions that have been provided to clients:

www.us.experteer.com/magazine - I am a regular contributor as a freelance writer


www.cityclipps.com - a freelance writing project completed for a travel and leisure website. The task was to write an intro for each city and each entry.


http://www.innoenergy.com/48357-2/ - a 2018 interview article for InnoEnergy


http://www.brand-licensing.com/DocPage.aspx?DID=10517 - a copy of a translated press release done for IRMASWORLD and their cooperation with Kiehl's for World Aids Day in 2009.


http://www.fairmont.com/norfolk-hotel-nairobi/media/videos/ - one example of many voice-over texts written for the Fairmont, Sheraton and Swisshotels.


http://www.risklab.com/en/ - a translation of their website.


http://www.innoenergy.com/masters-school-kick-off-2016/- an article written for an InnoEnnergy Master School event.


http://fgkh.de/improvisationstheater-english - a translation of their website.


http://www.kic-innoenergy.com/the-future-of-global-education-the-remote-select-programme-has-launched/- another article for InnoEnnergy - one of many published since 2015.



Translation: Deutsch - Englisch


Freelance Writer/Journalist


Receiving the "Excellence in Teaching" award from the EU Business School- June 2016
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