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A lasting impression is formed based on what a potential customer reads about you - be it a brochure, website or contract. There really is no second chance at a first impression. Make sure every word is perfect.



Translation is an art. It is not just replacing one word with another. If it were that simple, translation software would work perfectly. Instead translation requires interpreting the writer's meaning, crafting the given text and composing it to express exactly what the author meant to convey. Clear. Concise. Flawless. That is what TEXTLUTION can offer you. 



Spoken language is a living, breathing thing - always changing and evolving - and so is the written word. There is always a better way to get your point across, a more perfect word to use, a more suitable style or tone. And sometimes less is more. Whether you are looking to refresh an existing text or perhaps just need a native English speaker's professional eye - let TEXTLUTION transform your text into the best it can be. 



Writing is about sharing information, experiences and ideas - and while expert knowledge on any topic can be obtained with diligent research, the real challenge is to create engaging text that communicates and inspires. Words that perfectly convey your point and make the abstract concrete. No matter what your subject is, let TEXTLUTION bring it to life! 


Translation: Deutsch - Englisch


Freelance Writer/Journalist


Receiving the "Excellence in Teaching" award from the EU Business School- June 2016
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